Dasion provides fast and explainable ML methods to healthcare organizations, empowering them to move healthcare into the home.

Software as a Service

Dasion offers Software-as-a-Service solutions to develop complex connections to Dasion's proprietary Geometric Unified Learning (GUL) API, catering to a wide variety of healthcare and data needs.

Patent Licensing

Dasion provides patent licensing services to allow clients to effectively utilize Dasion's proprietary Geometric Unified Learning in order to incorporate revolutionary machine learning in their own products.

ML Optimization

Dasion can help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of current ML models while providing fast and explainable insights, and selecting optimal and best fitting ML models for their data.

Project Based

Dasion works with partners and clients on a project-to-project basis, allowing the development of abstract, containerized services that accomplish a task cohesively and clearly in an appropriate timeline.

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